Put on the show of a lifetime.


Wish you could have an experienced team of aca-veterans help you design, plan, and run your end of semester show? The Acaproducers have produced nearly 1500 shows in hundreds of venues and we bring that experience and knowledge to your event. Don’t leave things up to chance, book us and enjoy one of the best concert experiences that you will remember well beyond the final note is sung.


Live Sound

With over 1500 shows of experience, you can trust the team running your show will work with you to carve out and showcase the sound that makes your group unique. Sound your best for your friends and family.


Concert Lighting

Our lighting designers have years of experience designing shows specifically designed for lighting a stage with 16+ performers. Pick from a basic color vibe all the way to a full concert lighting package to determine what your audience will see the moment you take the stage.

Video & Photography Services

1080p/4K video recording and production is available as an additional service to our live production and lighting services. We will shoot your show in multiple angles, and post produce the audio to create a live music video that will impress your peers and serve as great marketing material.

Where do i start?


Tell us when your show is and what you want—lights, sound, video, or… everything. We’ll discuss your exact needs and collaborate with you to design a show that represents your look, sound, and identity.


Weeks before your show we will begin to gather important information on your group, voice parts, arrangements, venue capabilities, contacts, and more in order to get ahead of any additional needs or requests and to continue the design process for the big day.


First ones in, last ones out. We believe that our job doesn’t stop at the sound or light board, but extends to every aspect of your show. Wherever we can help, we will. The less you have to worry about, the more you can focus on the music and having a great time. That’s our mission.


Ready to put on a show?